My 30 day High Raw Vegan Journey

Thank you for joining me on my 30 day adventure. Here I will be sharing and documenting 30 days of my meals and progress. I am excited to go on this journey. Read A Raw State of Mind to see how and why I decided to go raw vegan.

My first store haul from 2017

Day #1 Meal- Cucumber, Avocado, Tomato Salad

Day #1 was great. I usually like to plan things out but as soon as I made the decision, I started immediately. With this meal, I looked at what was in my fridge and got creative. And this cam out tasty!

Chopped fruit salad topped with hemp seeds

Day 2
Today was all about preparation. The biggest obstacle for my mind to overcome is having everything ready. When I have to think about what i want to eat, its takes me out and gives room for my emotions to set in. So today I created all my meals for the day in the morning.
For breakfast I ate my oats that I soaked from the previous night. It was delicious. I made my matcha pistachio date balls. They were amazing and finally I made my stuffed avocado bell peppers. Delicious.

Day 3
Today I woke up feeling great and excited for the day. It was a fasting day so my focus was on my water intake. Ive heard for so long how important it is to drink water. That we are supposed to consume at least half our body weight in ounces. Ive attempted to do things many times but could never find success. I believe this time is different. For the past two days I have accomplished my goal of drinking my 64 oz jug twice. Today I challenged myself and I had 3 jugs! 🙂 I ve also enjoyed infusing the water. I found a detox honey lemon ginger slice recipe that I love. You cut slices and lemon and ginger. Layer it in a bowl and then pour honey over it and let it sit for at least an hour in the refrigerator. It really helps the water taste great.

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