A Raw State of Mind

This past weekend as I was scrolling through my instagram page I came across the page of a friend and neighbor who has had a beautiful journey with living raw. She took a break for over a year and decided a month ago to return to her raw roots. In her post was a before and after picture of her face from just one month of returning to raw and all I could say was “Wow!” Her skin glowed, looked a little slimmer and overall the after picture looked more livelier than the before. Immediately my heart began to skip a beat and I was drawn in.

In that moment I was reminded of how much I love eating fruits and vegetables and I remembered a time when I was inspired to go raw vegan back in 2017. It was a time in my journey where I needed to be healthier to help heal my body from my autoimmune diagnosis. I switched to a plant based diet and then went raw vegan for a couple of months. It ended abruptly when I fell sick and went into the hospital for a few days. Although my desired time was cut short, I really enjoyed that time and saw a difference in my body, skin and mind. Through the years, returning to that lifestyle stayed with me. I would have momentary thoughts that would quickly disappear as I did not have the mental discipline needed. This time however, something shifted. It was just the inspiration I needed. I was ready. And so the next day, I began my 30 day #highrawveganjourney.

When I first started this blog and was given the God-inspired name of JoyfullyRawLife, I hesitated on the word raw. Up until that point, my main connection with the word raw was eating raw. As such, I did not want raw eating to be my association but now God is showing me otherwise.

As I have decided to go on this journey, I see now that He has been wanting me to get to this place all along. I may have been hesitant about the word raw but raw is where He wants me. It’s not about just eating its really about living in a raw state of mind.

I believe my choice to eat raw has to do more with my mind than my body. The mind is where it starts. Most of my life I have lived trying to process, cover up or alter in any way that I could. I believed that in my natural state I wasn’t good enough, there were too many flaws. However, in my natural state is how God created me. In this natural state, I am imperfectly perfect.

Eating raw, foods in their natural state, is a way for me to connect to the person that God created me to be. Much of our lives are lived with an emotional connection to food. We eat for milestones, we eat certain foods when we are happy, sad, angry, etc. I am at a place in my journey where the need for food to answer to an emotional crisis is no longer existent. Instead, it is important that I view food as fuel for my body and an enjoyment in every bite.

My original motivation was definitely fueled by wanting to eat healthier and loose weight but getting to a place where I am not dependent on food and learning to love what I put in my body as a source of life is so much greater and is what is driving me. I am learning to love myself and value myself and its start with the belief that I deserve healthy food in my body. This desire and the application to live in an unaltered place- spirit, soul and body- brings me joy.

What God loves the most is when we come to Him in all our flaws and in all our disappointments and shortcomings. In this state of raw is where God does His best work. So as I align my body in this place, I believe and know that God is going to do His best work in my body.

The most beautiful thing about my decision to begin eating raw is realizing that I was already in the place I was meant to be…Living Joyfully Raw in every way!

Follow me as I take this journey!

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