Gaining In A Season of Loss

The other day I heard a question that gave me a desire to tap into deeper. The question was, “What does it mean to lose in the name of God?”

Before I really gave my life over to God, the way I thought about loss was very limited and on the surface. A loss is a loss and there is no recovery from it. You lose something and there is nothing that can ever replace what you lost.

As I began to deepen my relationship with my Father, He began to show me the way things work in His Kingdom which is very different from the world. What we think is a loss is really a gain. We are asked to give up our lives for the gain of a new life in Christ. This new life comes with much more perks but it does come with a cost.

During this unprecedented time in our lives where the whole world has been asked to stay at home, we have been made to sit down, take a break and reevaluate life as we know it. As one who makes it a mission to practice gratitude, I found gratitude to be what carried me through the first few weeks. In the midst of figuring out our new way of life, I had to stop and remind myself and family, what we could see in the moment. Yes, we have had to lose many things, but lets find the gratitude in whats in front of us. And what initially was used as a means to give me strength to carry through, has now become my light during this time.

I am sure if I took a survey, the resounding commonality of feelings during this time is that this current way of life is challenging and sometimes sucks. With the orders to stay at home, businesses have had to close, many of the workforce are working from home, some people have lost jobs, children have lost the last months of the school year and graduation activities, relationships have been strained and so much more loss.

For myself and my family we have experienced this loss as well. Malcolm was furloughed, we’ve lost the ability to move around and about, my eldest is a graduating sixth grader who will and has missed out on many of her culminating activities… And yet, in the midst of this loss, I can say that we have nothing but abundance during this time. I would even go as far to say this is the most since we’ve seen as a married couple in the last three years.

What have we gained?

We have gained time with ourselves, love, faith, hope and joy. More than our finances being intact, this time has allowed us to talk more, love more and recognize one another in a way unlike before. We’ve sat down for family dinners almost every night and we are seeing our children in a way unlike ever before. And most importantly, we are seeking God in a mighty way. We have also found new ways to enjoy the things we already have.

With a comprised immune system, we decided that it be best that I didn’t go outside to be safe. This hit me hard at first, as I was enjoying my car rides and it made me incredibly sad at the thought that I couldn’t live a life outside. After talking with a friend, she reminded me that we have a balcony and could utilize that space and take time for myself. At this point our balcony was only being used as storage space but when I heard that suggestion something switched and my creative brain immediately went into action. I talked it over with Malcolm and we had a blissful 3 hours of Pinterest and planning.

To date, we have made a plan for the space, cleaned it out and are awaiting items to be delivered. The space isn’t where we want it yet but we have already begun using the space and what a beautiful space it is. I have been going onto the balcony everyday for at least 15-30 minutes. I use it as my time to soak in some sun, read and have my private time. Even as I type, I am sitting on my beautiful balcony. The rest of the family has enjoyed it as well. (Stay tuned for a before and after transformation post)

During this season, I believe the greatest reason for the gain is the shift in mindset. We are making the choice daily to not focus on what we don’t have but rather focus on what is present. This time has caused us to see the beauty in what we have. We’ve learned to appreciate things that we were already in possession of but was under valuing its potential.

During this time, I feel so blessed because despite what I’ve lost, I still have love, joy, faith and hope and guess what, you cannot take that away. It comes from the Father. It’s what we really need.

I may have lost the way I have been doing life, but what I’ve gained is so much greater. That is the beauty in my Savior, the blessings of His Kingdom are so much greater than what the world offers. I choose to live in His Kingdom with Kingdom mindset. He will cause us to lose so that we can gain in him.

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to think of what you’ve gained during this time? More family time, more home cooked meals? It’s time for us to switch from a time of lack to a time of gain. The choice is up to you!

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  1. Thank you, Min. Jonetta this one was definitely worth the wait. Amen to Kingdom Mindsets -of which anything is possible. Congrats on the balcony I Can’t wait to see the before and after pics!

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